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Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Accreditation

Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Accreditation

What is the Healthy Workplaces Accreditation?

The Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Accreditation is an easy to follow and collaborative accreditation process, tailored to your workforce's health and wellbeing needs.

The accreditation process is novel in that the steps needed to achieve each accreditation level is unique to your organisation, as they are based on the results of your Workplace Health Needs Assessment. This means that everything you do to work towards the accreditation is based on the health and wellbeing needs of your staff. This is advantageous by ensuring your time, money and resources will be used in the most effective and efficient way by focussing on those areas that can have the greatest improvement and impact.

What are the Accreditation stages?

The accreditation has three stages that demonstrate your organisation's progression and commitment to staff health and wellbeing:

Engaged = Once your workplace has completed the Workplace Health Needs Assessment (WHNA), our team will support you to identify your goals and targets for the first year. These will focus on the areas of health and wellbeing that have been identified by the WHNA as having the greatest need for improvement. Once your goals and targets have been agreed, you will receive your Engaged accreditation.

Committed = Once the above goals and targets have been agreed, you can start working towards your Committed accreditation. You will do this by submitting evidence that showcases your completion of the above goals and targets to your online dashboard. Once this is approved, you will achieve the Committed accreditation. You have 1 year from receiving your Engaged accreditation to submit the evidence for your Committed accreditation.

Empowered = Once you have received your Committed accreditation, we will then set new goals and targets with your help so you can work towards your Empowered accreditation. Again, you will have 1 year to submit the evidence that is required for your Empowered accreditation. Once your evidence is submitted, your workplace will complete the Workplace Health Needs Assessment again to identify any changes or improvement. You will then receive the Empowered accreditation.

In order to maintain your Empowered accreditation, you will be required to evidence your continuous commitment towards the health and wellbeing of your staff every 2 years with us.

Image showing the process of going from engaged to empowered accreditation level

Why should you sign up to the Healthy Workplaces Accreditation?

You will:

  • Receive bespoke guidance and goals to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Easily track your progress on your online dashboard
  • Be promoted on the Leicestershire Healthy Workplaces Website
  • Be able to promote yourself as an employer that cares about the health and wellbeing of your workforce with our Leicestershire Healthy Workplaces Accreditation branding
  • Get all of this for free!

How much does the Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Accreditation cost?

The below costs are for organisations based within the Leicestershire County Council boundaries. If you are based within Rutland, visit Healthy Workplaces Rutland or if your organisation is based in Leicester City or outside of the county, please contact us for more information.

Arrange a quick conversation about your organisation and how to get started on the free Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Accreditation.