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Who can sign up to the Healthy Workplaces programme?

Any business in Leicestershire (excluding Leicester City*) can sign up to the Healthy Workplaces programme for free.

We work with businesses of all sizes and types. By talking to you about your business and the needs of your workforce, we will tailor the offer you receive.

* Please contact for prices if you are an organisation in Leicester City

How much does the Healthy Workplaces programme cost?

It is free to sign up to the Healthy Workplaces programme to all organisations based within the Leicestershire County Council boundaries.

Elements of the Healthy Workplaces programme are free, and there are others that incur a cost. To look at the individual product prices, please see Our Support.

How long does it take to achieve the accreditation?

There are three stages of the accreditation. Completing the full accreditation will take 2 years. Visit the accreditation webpage to learn more about the stages of the accreditation.

Is my business small, medium or large?

Small: 1 - 49 employees

Medium: 50 - 249 employees

Large: More than 250 employees

Why do some services cost more if I am a larger organisation?

Healthy Workplaces aims to support the health and wellbeing of the working age population across Leicestershire, acknowledging the differing sizes, structures and needs of the varying workplaces and their employees. Research suggests that SMEs (small-medium enterprises) engage less in the health and wellbeing of employees due to limited financial resources to invest in workplace health programmes.

A differential pricing approach will optimistically provide equal access to the Healthy Workplaces programme and support the disparities between different sized workplaces in targeting and encouraging a greater uptake amongst those that are smaller with fewer employees, that may struggle to engage with health and wellbeing programmes for their staff.

We have already signed up to a Workplace Health & Wellbeing programme in the past, is this the same?

The Healthy Workplaces programme is a new programme for April 2023. In the past, Active Together lead the Wellbeing at Work programme that was part funded by Leicestershire County Council (Public Health) and available to organisations across Leicestershire, Leicester City and Rutland.

The Healthy Workplaces Leicestershire Programme has been developed to support the holistic health and wellbeing of the working age population across Leicestershire, and is now run by Leicestershire County Council (Public Health).

We have already completed a Workplace Health Needs Assessment before, do we have to do it again?

We recommend completing a Workplace Health Needs Assessment if it has been over 2 years since the last completion.

The Workplace Health Needs Assessment has been reviewed and updated with the newest data and research.

Still have a question? Contact us here.